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Dec 9

IBJJF Pro League 2013 Live Broadcast and replay

Probably the best deal in BJJ programming! The replay for the 2013 IBJJF pro league is now available for only $6.99!

Some pretty sick matches for sure! Samir Chantre, Rafael Freitas, Roberto “Tussa” Alencar, Keenan Cornelius, Jackson Sousa, Victor Estima and a few more. 

Of course Shawn Williams, Budo Jake and Caleb were there to call all the action and in Jiu Jitsu streaming Budo Quality!

The whole event is worth watching just for Keenan’s epic back take while his opponent attempts to sweep him from Deep Half Guard! Good stuff!

Check out the replay here:


2011 ADCC Broadcast team behind the scenes.