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Like they seem always to do, good ideas got to gettin’ tossed around the last we visited with Rafa and Gui; world champion Mendes brothers. Since graduating to the black belt in 2008, the pair have been part of many of the most riveting and riotous BJJ contests of the last four years.

From the Pans to the Worlds to ADCC, Budovideos has made the journey with them, chronicling the meteoric rise of Brazilian jiu-jitsu’s blood-bound prodigies. With so much Mendes’ magnificence in the catalog, it seemed only smart to clip together a highlight reel of Guilherme and Rafael in action and show it off here.

Submitted for your approval; the boys from Rio Claro doing what they do best…being the best.

By far the coolest belt in Jiu Jitsu.

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